Celebrities and Tiffany

Above just said the goddess Audrey Hepburn wearing is 128.54 karats of Tiffany town treasures legendary yellow diamond, add that only two people in history to wear this legendary yellow diamond.

The film “love to Alabama”, when her boyfriend in the Fifth Avenue on the Tiffany shop to Melanie to marry, the female owner can not help but agree. It is said that the average annual, only in the Tiffany New York Fifth Avenue flagship store, there will be 30 courtship ceremony. If you also want to marry your girlfriend and no full chance of winning, I suggest you can consider the Fifth Avenue Tiffany flagship store.

Recently the most famous wearing Tiffany movie actress is “great Gatsby” in the Daisy, her slender little children’s temperament so that her jewelry is not exaggerated.

In addition to movie stars, there are a lot of celebrities to Tiffany, including Jacqueline, Elizabeth and so on. Jacqueline Kennedy’s jewelry is the most overlooked is probably the iconic three-layer pearl necklace and that section is known as “Jackie’s bracelet” Schlumberger enamel bracelet, Jacqueline love show this bracelet, including the same series Of the earrings, and even stacked with different colors.
Elizabeth Taylor, who has a passion for jewelry, often wear Fleur de Mer “Flower of the Ocean” and “The night of the iguana brooch” brooch, which is made of diamonds and sapphires, designed for 18K gold polished Round cut diamonds, with pavĂ© diamonds and round sapphires and cut jade to embellish, is Elizabeth’s favorite two brooches.

The same favorite Tiffany brooch there is a full 30 years has been hailed as New York’s first stunning Babe Paley, this is known as the “Swan Girl” American social aristocratic, had 15 times selected the best wearing list, she is Tiffany Of the loyal customers, the picture shows that she wore Schlumberger starfish brooch.

The rest of the deceased Apple co-founder Steve Jobs’s only living room is a Tiffany floor lamp. For him on the decoration of the obsessive-compulsive disorder we should be familiar with, he can not allow a thing does not meet his design standards into his home, except only recognized Tiffany design.



How to know the value of tiffany brand and necklace?

Some time ago, “Batman War Superman” we all read it? Lens fixed in the Superman to buy the Louise ring that moment, although it is only a moment, my sister still see the most dazzling Tiffany!

How spicy how much of the sister paper deeply in love with real Tiffany? Today we may wish to come to tell the story of Tiffany.

Tiffany is an American jewelry and silver company founded in 1837. His family has developed a set of their own precious stones, platinum standards, and by the US government to adopt the official standard. Today,cheap Tiffany replicas is one of the world’s leading luxury goods companies. Its Tiffany blue gift box has become a unique style of American fashion practice. I believe you like me, the first time I heard replica Tiffany because Audrey Hepburn 1961 film “Tiffany’s breakfast”

This is a love film, called the name is because the heroine every day to go to the jewelry shop before the window to enjoy breakfast. For her, this shop selling jewelry, is a “no sad place.”

The most touching scene in the movie is that the male and female pants finally go into cheap Tiffany. The clerk enthusiastically asked two people want to buy something, the security of Paul some embarrassment, because he can only take out the top ten knife, but the clerk did not care, continue to enthusiastically said that this budget recommended him to buy a silver phone dial Equipment, but also to bring his own ring to provide lettering services.

Although the brand was shining in the title, but fake Tiffany jewelry did not invest in the film, just to provide the venue to sponsor. The film was shot at the weekend, which was the first time Tiffany store opened on Sunday for a day to facilitate the film crew to shoot. It is said that when shooting, Tiffany outlet also sent 40 heavily armed guards to prevent the small blue box was stolen.